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eRivals is a new online platform for video gamers to compete against each other for cash and prizes. Users can play against players in their own city or across the globe on a variety of different games and systems.


As a new concept, eRivals needed branding and an informative, user-friendly site that facilitated the gameplay between two users. This robust website solution needed to include account creation, the ability to join matches online, and online payment capabilities.


44i worked with eRivals to create a brand that resonated with online gamers. In addition to the logo, team 44i also created a  website that was strategically designed to achieve all the necessary requirements for this unique website. The new website lets players match online and make payments right from the site. The company also has the opportunity to make updates as its wishes on the new site and add new games as they increase in popularity. 

We had a great experience working with the passionate staff at eRivals and translating this new idea into an effective online experience.

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